Doggie Day Care


Paw-some Dog offers Cage-free Daycare which allows you not to have to spend the day away from your pup.

Drop off in the morning and pick up your dog at night before you go to bed.

During the day our dogs are divided by temperament and split between the first and second floor.

Let them play all day so they come home nice and tired for you.

Day Camp Pricing

Introductory Session -- $20
2-4 hour Temperament test

Half Day (4 hours or less)
Small Dog--$25
Large Dog--$30

Full Day
Small Dog -- $35
Large Dog --$40

Day Camp Packages

10 day package price includes 10% discount

20 day package price includes 15% discount

30 day package price includes 15% discount plus free bath

Small Dog

Half Day Package
10 Half Days Package--$250
20 Half Days Package--$500
30 Half Days Package--$750      

Full Day Package
10 Full Days Package--$350
20 Full Days Packages--$700
30 Full Days Package-- $1050

Large Dog

Half Day Packages
10 Half Day Package -- $280
20 Half Day Package -- $560
30 Half Day Package -- $840

Full Day Packages
10 Full Day Package -- $400
20 Full Day Packages-- $800
30 Full Day Package -- $1200

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