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Paw-Some dog features a cage free, play all day, boarding and daycare facility for your dogs. Unlike others, we will always snuggle and play with your pets while they stay with us. Dogs will always remain cage free and there is no additional charge for special play-time with our human staff too! We feed all our dogs separately for safety and to make sure every dog gets his or her own food. We have staff on site 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for safety and your pup won't be lonely. 


Daycare is a great option for dogs that have busy Moms and Dads who work long hours, or as a fun treat to allow your fur baby to play all day and come home nice and tired. Our daycare is cage-free and we have two floors where we are able to split the pack and ensure your dog gets lots of time and space to play. Please check our "rates" page for more information. 

Daily Check-in

We understand that many of our furry clients are active on social media! Below we also have the link to our web camera's streaming live during operating hours. So we do our best to check in daily with owners that board their dogs, as well as send tons of pictures so that you'll have something to post on your pages as well! Please ask us about pictures if you're interested.

Private Walk

Private walks are great opportunities for dogs to get out and about with the one on one attention needed for the more shy or reactive pups. Please ask us about our walking services when you come by on your next visit!

live Webcams

Watch the Upstairs Dog LIvecam Now!
Watch the Downstairs 1 Livecam Now!
Watch the Downstairs 2 Livecam Now!

I have been bringing Henry and Herman to Paw-Some Dog since they first opened their doors! Julia is diligent and caring, and her staff members truly care about the dogs.
— Tammy Collins



Boarding and overnight stays 

$50 small / $55 large

Your pups can enjoy a play-all-day cage free boarding stay with us! If you have more than one dog, you will receive 10% off the second pup!

Discounted Rate for more than a week stay!
Call (424) 293-0312 for your next reservation!


half day daycare -- 4 hours or less

$25 small
$30 large

If you need a place for your pup to play for few hours while you run some errands, there's no better place for them to be paw-some!

10 day package price includes 10% discount
20 day package price includes 15% discount
30 day package price includes 15% discount plus free **   Bath + Toe Nail trim



Half-day packages for Small Dogs

10-Half-Day Package - $225

20-Half-Day Package - $425

30-Half-Day Package - $637.50 **

Half-day packages for Large Dogs

10-Half-Day Package - $270

20-Half-Day Package - $510

30-Half-Day Package - $765 **



full day daycare 

$35 small
$40 large

Now your fur babies can enjoy an entire day of romping and playing while you are at work or away. 


10-Day Package - $315

20-Day Package - $595

30-Day Package - $892.50**

Large dog daycare packages

10-Day Package - $360

20-Day Package - $680

30-Day Package - $1020 **


10 day package price includes 10% discount

20 day package price includes 15% discount

30 day package price includes 15% discount plus free bath + Toe Nail trim


about us

Cage-free dog daycare and boarding facility located in the heart of west Los Angeles. Truly loving staff who care about your dog more than anything. The dogs are divided during the day by temperament and then at night they all come together and sleep with a staff member at night. Someone is physically here 24/7 to ensure the absolute best care of your pup.

Meet Julia!

Hi – I’m Julia Abraham and happy to meet you!

I speak dog, I know dog’s behavior, and I have a ridiculous amount of knowledge on dogs. I love dogs and your dog will be treated just like my own. Dogs have been a life passion of mine. I started working at PetSmart studying dogs, while I was a student at Arizona State University. I graduated with a degree in business and communications and minored in Film and Media production. While continuing my work at PetSmart, I moved out to Los Angeles.  Since 2015, I have successfully ran another doggie daycare and boarding facility near LAX. I know how important a dog is. They’re not just an animal.  They are our best friends, our child, a member of our family. I got my dog, Mojo, right before I moved out to California. He came up to me on the grounds of on an Indian reservation, and the rest is history.  From my own personal experience, I know how hard and important it is in finding a place where you feel comfortable leaving your dog for a day or overnight.  When your dog stays with Paw-some dog, he or she is not just another dog, it’s a family member. We are going to love and cherish your dog, just as much as they get at home.  We took over from The Loved Dog at our location. They did a wonderful job and the same staff will continue to provide the absolute best in care. I am so excited to continue The Loved-Dog’s cage-free environment and getting to get to know you and your dogs.




Paw-Some Dog

2100 Pontius Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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